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StatCrunch is possibly one of the most underrated stats tools. If you are taking a class using MyStatLab, you need to consider using StatCrunch if you do not already have a stats tech tool you are proficient with. Because most stats courses in MyStatLab embed StatCrunch and make it very easy to open data sets directly in StatCrunch – no keying in or Copy/paste.

The learning curve is really not at all steep. And with my How To videos, getting a B or Better is almost a cinch!

Check out StatCrunch here.

Even if your course does not use MyStatLab, consider buying a 6- month or 1-year license. They are relatively “cheap” at $14.99 and $24.99. I find there are some things StatCrunch does more easily/quicker than much more expensive stats tools.  Check out here

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